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RDTC Home page
Vortex Healing
Ram Dass
Richard Moss
Lam Rim Buddhist Centre
The links below belong to students and teachers of RDTC who have moved on and yet want to remain connected to the Tai Chi Family they started with.
www.dragonspringtaiji.co.uk Alec Jones
www.naturalsteptaichi.com Colin Snow
Open Palm Taiji Luke Shepherd
Felicity's webpage Felicity Bowers
www.taichiwisdom.com Annie Gorton HardingWorcester
www.heartlandtaichi.com Alan Smith
Sid Revill - Oak Horse Tai Chi 01608 663480
The links will help you find out more about Tai Chi in general and find intructors in your area
The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
Tai Chi Finder

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