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Rising Dragon Tai Chi
RDTC Tai Chi

- One of the Uk's first national Tai Chi Schools

- Direct lineage with Dr Chi Chiang Tao

- Authentic Tai Chi Chuan

- Bringing to life the inner spiritual principles of

Tai Chi

"When a Tai Chi player's Form is truly alive, he/she has completely let go into the moment and experiences the movement of the Form cell by cell, living each posture as though creating it out of the void, for the first time...

It is of course a paradox, because outside I show something very formed, whilst on the inside I experience it as totally formless. What gives it aliveness is actually not the form - but the formlessness!

To be a master of Tai Chi you must relax back to the original moment when you become the one who rediscovers Tai Chi - then, it is yours and you no longer need to ride on another's shoulders, it is Tai Chi that teaches you."

Richard Farmer Founder & Principal Instructor of RDTC

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tai chi space

tai chi space



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